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Another Special Birthday, lots of celebration and get-together once more.


Four fabulous 60 year old women.  Plus one very understanding husband.  And the addition of more friends.   What else to do but wine and dine?  Oh, and add in a very new convertible, so a little road trip too.    The weather was warm, dry and sunny.  All in all a wonderful week.  We had some great food,  so here is Day One –  I did think of putting in all the days in this post,  but as you will see,  this post is rather long,  so I think the following days will require a post (or two) of their own.



…oops, I managed to to drop a little bit of banana into the passionfruit – my bad

First stop was Halo Espresso in South Perth for a breakfast.   A short walk to Angelo Street and perfect timing for some great coffee #HaloEspresso.

What to eat?   I knew that it was going to be a big day so opted for Fresh Fruit Salad. I’m not a yoghurt and honey person so asked for that to be omitted.  To my delight they added a little dish of passionfruit sauce.  A great touch.    The others had:  Avocado and Feta medley on Toast – it looked delicious and will definitely be on my list for next time; and Eggs Benedict – which was Huge and Tasty.


Next eatery stop was a late lunch by the water.  The Partisan in East Perth is the perfect place.  #ThePartisanEastPerth   A table by the water,  and great food.  Perfect afternoon.

Choosing from the menu was so difficult,  it all had my taste buds racing.  I settled for the Duck Confit Pear & Goats Cheese Torilla.  And a great choice.  Totally demolished it!   Others made a seriously fine choice in the Portugese Sardines.   And another Huge and Tasty dish was the Potato Leek and Haloumi Fritter.






As Day One was THE day,  the finale was a very special dinner at Coco’s Restaurant, which is one of Perth’s premier restaurants and is situated on the banks of the Swan River on the South Perth Esplanade. http://www.westvalley.com.au

How is this for a view?


But I think I prefer this view:

Cristal to start....

Cristal to start….

We had a special menu, and it was simply stunning.  So much food that we all found it very difficult to do honour to some of the final courses.  If you ever get the chance to visit Perth, then this restaurant should be on your ‘to-do’ list.







Phew! That was a LOT of food for one day! But what a Blast! What did you do – or Will Do – for your 60th?