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Most mornings in the week I make a quick smoothie, put it into a travel container, jump in the car and drive my daily commute.  It’s a little over an hour and means that is my breakfast time, as well as a chance to catch up with the news.  Plus some early thinking about the day and tasks ahead.  Somehow my mind manages to stay focussed on the road as well!   Each morning that first sip of my smoothie is an “Ahhh” moment.  I love the freshness and berry taste, plus know there are plenty of nutrients to give me a great start to a long day.  During the weekend for breakfast I usually “spoil” myself with a piece of toast (or two – I am TRYING to cut down on bread), often with sliced tomato and lashings of salt and pepper, washed down with a small, delicious, pot of a green, jasmine and pear Madame Flavour tea. My favourite tea, though when the boss makes a big pot of his special jasmine and passes over a cup to me I have to admit that scores high marks too.

On Saturday I indulged in toast and tea and by lunchtime decided that more bread just wasn’t appealing. Maybe that was my hips talking to my brain.  I decided a smoothie would be perfect.   I’m a bit of a creature of habit,  so my smoothies usually have the same ingredients each time.  Mind you,  it is winter and there isn’t a lot of fresh delicious fruit to choose from.   I bet you have your favourite ingredients too.   Here are mine:

MWCED Smoothie


Smoothie mix


1 small banana – if you are organised you could slice and freeze – that would also add a chill to the mix
¼ cup frozen mixed berries (or whatever berries you like/can get) – I like them frozen because it makes my smoothie chilled – a personal dislike is warm smoothies
Baby Spinach Leaves – a small handful – optional – they don’t really add any taste, and don’t always make the smoothie the most beautiful of colours – but think of the nutrients…..
1 teaspoon cod liver oilcod liver oil is meant to have many benefits – all I know is that this winter I haven’t yet succumbed to any colds, while everyone around me has been stricken – who knows – Mr MWCED thinks it’s a load of crock and asks just how many cod does it take to keep the world in cod liver oil……….
1 teaspoon physillium flakes
1 teaspoon LSC (linseed, sunflower,chia) – optional, sometimes I sub this out with a special gastro repair mix from the health food shop – depends on how my antsy stomach is feeling
Vanilla essence, a few drops (the real stuff) – I try to mask the cod liver oil taste! Saw an ad recently for some cod liver oil that has a lemon flavour – must try it.
Add :
About 200ml each of unsweetened fruit juice and coconut water . Or all of either. You could also use milk or yoghurt, but I don’t drink/eat much of any of those.
Whizz until everything is broken down and looking smooooooth.