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Yesterday was a rainy old day and a bit cold as well.   It was still before lunch time but I just knew that I wanted lasagne,  in fact I think I knew the previous night when I bought some pork mince from the supermarket.  Not like me to crave meat,  but for some reason that’s what happened.   Instead of a recipe I am just going to put up some pictures of the process.  Most of us know how to make lasagna,  and there are plenty of recipes online,  I’m sure you will find something that gets the tastebuds going.

First,  cut up some onions and sweat in a pan.


Add some chopped garlic, celery and parsley.


Mmmm,  it will be smelling good………


Add in a can of chopped tomatoes with juices and also a few tablespoons for tomato paste


Cook this down until thick and the vegetables have gone very soft.   Season with salt and pepper to taste.      In another pan brown off some pork mince,  when it has changed colour slosh in some wine (mine was a Viognier that happened to be open), heat up and then add in some chopped veges.   Ours were some more chopped onion,  carrot and courgette.  Cook for around 10 minutes until meat is cooked through.


Add most of the tomato sauce in with the meat.  Keep back around 1/2  a cup.

Choose your dish, put a little olive oil on the bottom the pan and then cover bottom with some of the tomato sauce.   Cover this with a layer of lasagne.  I cheated and used bought pasta,  usually make my own which I think is way better, but sometimes short-cuts are just fine!


After adding the lasagne sheets,  I then used a bit of the tomato paste, and then covered it with some meat (around a third).


Then place some baby spinach on top of the meat.    Layer again with lasagna sheets and repeat a couple of times.   My lasagne was 3 layers.


i used the last of the tomato sauce on top layer of the lasgne sheets and then put a bit of parsley and some grated parmesan.   What I have omitted to tell you before now is that I also made a bechamel sauce (with grated mozzarella and parmesan).   This will now be used to cover the dish.


And then some more parmesan.   Oh boy,  I was looking forward to seeing this baby cooked and ready to eat!


And here it is straight out of the oven…..ready to go onto the table with a green salad.


And the creamy, gooey inside view………  Enough for leftovers!