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This is more a technique than a recipe. Was cruising the net last night looking for inspiration for cabbage and found a number of sites that talked about roasting cabbage.  Thought I would try it out, figured it was pretty easy and would go well with the potato salad and breaded chicken I was also making.


Turn oven on to around 200 C.  Get an oven dish and line it with baking paper.  Take your cabbage, I had a half cabbage,  and cut it into quite thick slices.  As many as you need.  I think 1 to 1-1/2 per person is plenty.   Mix some olive oil, spices, salt and pepper – lightly brush the baking paper then place cabbage pieces into pan and brush again with the oil mixture.  You can use butter instead of oil, or half and half.

Flavours can be whatever you have on hand:  I used:    olive oil; garlic salt flavouring; turmeric; and a drizzle or so of a chilli olive oil.     Go wild, or go safe.

Cook cabbage for around 40 minutes.  Turn over half-way through – turn carefully though if you want your cabbage slices to look great on your serving dish.  Otherwise don’t bother too much and jumble it all into the serving dish.  However you serve it, guaranteed it will be delicious.   The cabbage will get a little crispy on the outer edges – you can either leave it or cover the dish with foil during the last 10 minutes or so of cooking.

There, how easy is that!