While I toasted the eve of the new year with favorite bubbles, starting with Bolly at Micro Bar www.microbar.co.nz as what honest woman could resist it being on special?and finishing with a glass or two of Veuve,  the first drink of 2014 was a small cocktail.   This festive season I’ve had an urge for blue, so out came a bottle of Blue Curcacao and Google helped with a few recipes.  I think my favorite has been a Baby Blue with a touch of Grenadine, though last night was an April’s Violet.

P1020485This is a simple little number,  1-1/2 oz of gin, 2 tsp Blue Curacao and 3 drops of Grenadine.  I put it over crushed ice.  Just a little too strong for me,  I think I prefer the fruit juice version of Baby Blue, which is 1oz Vodka, 1oz Blue Curacao, 3oz Pineapple Juice and dash of Grenadine Syrup.  Mmmmmm,   difficult to stop at one, so of course I didn’t.