SummerSalad-2Came home from work last night and Mr MWCED was thinking of what to cook for dinner.   Have to say that I am one lucky woman,  a man who cooks, cooks well and cooks what I like to eat.  How much better does it get??  It was a warm evening,  the first for some days – which is a bitch when it’s meant to be summer.   Best to be the glass half full person though,  so better to take advantage when one can.   Take a look at the feast that came to the table …………………………………The lettuce salad also had tomatoes, cucumber, garlic beans and grated roasted beetroot.  Topped with olive oil and home-made raspberry vinegar.   That would have been enough, especially with the homemade babaps (baby baps – my name for them anyway).  BUT, we also had the most delicious panko crumbed zucchini and sesame soy carrots.    Even better,  was that the lettuce, beans, zucchini were just picked out of the garden.  Oh, and I didn’t mention the – that afternoon – freshly made basil and pine-nut pesto – which was DeliCious on the zucchini.   Wow,  it really doesn’t get better than that!  I don’t think you even need a recipe for this,  just look and be inspired!